Fifty is Nifty

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This is long overdue…. In fact it is almost a year overdue, but that’s the benefit of being quarantined during a pandemic. Last summer, Ahab starting rounding up to 100 as he crested into the big 5-0. We are fortunate to live out in the middle of freaking nowhere, which is also just a short …Read More

“Nothin’ But the Best”

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After a long winter’s hibernation down under, WIDAGO is finally wet again.   Ahab, along with with Brothers Moseley, Wise Terry, and Admiral Pawpaw  –  are setting out on a bro-cation upon the Great Barrier Reef. This trip has been on the books for quite some time, and now is finally here. WIDAGO’s original crew …Read More

Pollywog to Shellback…

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This rarely captured footage of King Neptune was found in the WIDAGO archives. Explore the unique transformation of crew mates from Pollywogs to Trusty Shellbacks as they made their virgin crossing of the Equator.

NOLS: Summer 2017

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William spent two weeks in the Wyoming Wilderness with the National Outdoor Leadership School. no soap no iPhone no TP (although he says the snow was very refreshing) He captured all the photos/videos (except the ones he was in). Came home a few inches taller, a bit hungry & tired, and hopefully with some new …Read More

Beautiful Bora

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If you can swing it, definitely put Bora Bora on the “Bucket List”. We had an awesome two weeks on the hook hanging with another Leopard family boat. Beautiful (and sweaty) hikes, Tackle SUP surfing, crystal clear snorkeling. In the land of a gazillion thatch tiki huts over the water, I still think experiencing Bora …Read More

Marlin Fishing Across the Pacific

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*** This a is re-post….for those who missed the first try without the video **** Prior to our Florida departure, Ahab could’ve been called Santiago as he honed his sport fishing skills for nearly a decade. During those long lonely weekends I spent as a boat widow, Ahab was off “working really hard” at these …Read More

Rays & Black Tips in Moorea

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Just north of Tahiti, we found ourselves anchored in Moorea: one of the most beautiful islands we’ve seen yet. The color of water is too hard describe, so we will let the video do the work. The day we filmed this beauty, the visibility was exceptional, and the subject matter very cooperative. This was an …Read More

Panama Canal Transit

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Many apologies for the delay in posting…..you will most likely read this at the beginning of many more future posts. Internet access and speed is not something we have access to much these days. The beautiful scenery more than makes up for it- I just didn’t want you good folks to think we had forgotten …Read More