Where’s WIDAGO?

imagesIn an effort to keep all our peeps informed about our current “20” (for you laymen, that would be our current location), the WIDAGO crew will attempt to provide useful information on our whereabouts. If you have had any extended contact with a Moseley, you are quite familiar with the fact that all plans are subject to change, without notice or any good reason. The best way to know when we are going to be somewhere is to visit the “Past” page, then devise a time-machine to highjack the time-space continuum…you see where we are going here.

Bottom line: once we cast off, our “Current” position will be tracked via satellite on Yellowbrick every few hours. Additionally, we should have a record of our previous stops on the “Past” page (this will be very helpful in trying to track down all the stuff we accidentally leave behind). The “Future” page is a very rough estimate of our itinerary, and cannot be held against us in a court of law.





3 comments on “Where’s WIDAGO?

  1. Christopher Stanley


    It was great seeing you and Donald at McCallie recently…and learning about the upcoming adventure! Charles and I will look forward to tracking your progress next year.

    Christopher S

    • Hey Randy!
      We are planning to move aboard in November while they are finishing up some work. She is in Ft. Lauderdale now. We plan to bring her down to ORC for the Christmas & New Year’s holidays. Set out to Caribbean after Reef Cup…. Wanna meets up in St. Bart’s?

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