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  1. Scott Zifferer

    Looks like you are at Bitter end,. Great spot!!! Don’t overlook visiting the Willy T Pirate ship bar on the other side of tortilla. Ali you would enjoy dinner at cooper island. Peter island has a great beach.
    Lost my wallet 20 years ago right where you were anchored.

  2. Alicia Solis

    I didn’t even know there were islands there! What country are they part of? What is it like there? I love following your adventure. How old are the boys? – Alicia

    • I didn’t know about the Azores either until planning for this trip. A great hidden gem to visit. Nine volcanic islands, at the crossroads of trade between Europe and the Americas. Very pastoral, friendly locals, and inexpensive. We could have easily stayed longer, but need to keep moving to get up to Germany. Boys are 10, 10, and 12 – perfect age to be independent and explore.

    • We <3 our L48. Probably the best decision we could have made for our family and itinerary. Guyon has some more specific thoughts on what he would have ordered or not ordered as extras, but overall, we could not be happier with Leopard and their platform for an ocean cruising family boat.

  3. Thank you for doing this as we enjoy your adventure. We are a family of 3 and we have a 13 year old. We love the leopard.
    Would you consider a L38 if you had a smaller crew? We are considering the L38 or :L40 Any advice?

    • Hi Kent!
      Thanks for your message. If there is just three, most certainly you could get along in a 38 or 40. (We sailed across the Atlantic with a 39’FP carrying 9 ?). One of the things that makes the Leopard so great for us is the forward cockpit. I think they are doing that in the 40 now. Your best bet is to hit a boat show (Annapolis is in October) and get on board with all three of you. Chartering in the BVI is another option to see how they feel. The most important thing is take the plunge and do it! An opportunity not to be missed!

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