Flipping for Finland

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Been awhile since my last ARC post. Many apologies as we have been busy tourists and consumers. I have to say though that Finland has been an unexpected gem. The allure maybe be perhaps accentuated due to the contrast from St. Petersburg, but cruising the Finnish coastline has been spectacular. Our first night anchored after …Read More

Gotska, Sandon (Sweden)

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After leaving the lively disco beat of Visby, WIDAGO was treated to a quiet night at anchor on the Swedish island of Gotska Sandon. A national park, there are a handful of rustic cabins for rent during the summer holidays. In the winter, just two park rangers at time manage the station in two week …Read More

Visby, Gotland Island (Sweden)

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As we continue our journey in the Baltic, a theme has emerged….we are following the trails of the Hanseatic League and its trade route. Four weeks ago, I’d never heard of the Hanseatic League. Now, I could easily identify one the many 7-story stone and mortar warehouses used to store and transport furs, fish, and …Read More

Rostock to Ronne

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A big bright moon is lighting a torch for us tonight as we head to Denmark in search of butter cookies, blue cheese, and bacon. WIDAGO uncovered a pair of Maryland Moseley stowaways aboard. So now the count is: Boys: 6 Girls: 1 Always outnumbered. Regardless of my domestic engineering efforts, I really don’t think …Read More

Happy 4th of July – ARC Baltic

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Greetings from WIDAGO and her crew! We just returned to Hohe Duene after a fantastic week visiting the German Countryside, Amsterdam, and back to Hamburg. Luckily the boat was still floating, in exactly the same place we left her. Whew…..The last couple days, I noticed our sweet Ahab showing signs of WIDAGO withdrawal….headaches, stomaches, irritability, …Read More

Kiel Canal

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Since we last met, Dear Readers, WIDAGO and her crew have finally slept in increments greater than 45 minutes. It is quite something to be happy about, sleeping for four straight hours. A year ago, I might have thrown something at you if you tried to rouse me after anything short of ten solid comatose …Read More

Father’s Day 2015

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Father’s Day 2015 OK… Before we start, go grab a coffee (or beer if you’re in the right time zone) and put your feet up because this might take a few minutes. Been a very busy Father’s Day… First of all, justa big Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there, especially ours: Popeye …Read More

Azores-Europe Leg Day 8: Part Two

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Bless his little heart….. Get a load of this freeloadin’, hitchhikin’ stowaway. I think the term “bird brain” may need to be reviewed by Mr. Webster and his etymologists. Clearly, this little fella is no dummy. Guyon found him hiding in a perfect spot – he could have been there for days. We have these …Read More

Azores-N. Europe Leg: Night 4

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High pressure systems continue to dominate our Atlantic crossing. The sailing has actually been quite good as long as still counts if we are motor sailing. Been keeping one engine going, with full sails up, through calm, sometimes glassy waters. Winds continue to be light, variable, and still somewhat on the nose or close hulled. …Read More

Azores-N. Europe Leg: Day 1

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Our last couple of days have been a whirlwind as we made ready for this, another 1800nm, leg of our Atlantic crossing. Spontaneous sangria happy hour dockside last night, led to teary goodbyes (yes, I’m a crybaby) to our fleet mates in San Miguel.  At the time, the cocktail party was a happy distraction, feeding …Read More