Why I Love Donuts…

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….I mean, seriously, do you really need a reason? Bare with me folks, just a bit of venting today….. So the last few weeks WIDAGO has gone cold and dark to the interstices of the internet. About a month ago we had one of those days. Those sad bad news days. Some of you good people …Read More

Marlin Fishing Across the Pacific

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*** This a is re-post….for those who missed the first try without the video **** Prior to our Florida departure, Ahab could’ve been called Santiago as he honed his sport fishing skills for nearly a decade. During those long lonely weekends I spent as a boat widow, Ahab was off “working really hard” at these …Read More

Rays & Black Tips in Moorea

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Just north of Tahiti, we found ourselves anchored in Moorea: one of the most beautiful islands we’ve seen yet. The color of water is too hard describe, so we will let the video do the work. The day we filmed this beauty, the visibility was exceptional, and the subject matter very cooperative. This was an …Read More

Bye Bye Bora Bora

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WIDAGO is on the move again, this time heading direct for Fiji. After two awesome months in French Polynesia, we have weighed anchor and set a course for Fiji. Unfortunately we will miss the Cook Islands, Niue, and the Kingdom of Tonga, as we are jumping ahead of the fleet, giving me a window of …Read More

Cruiser Fatigue

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While not yet recognized by the American Medical Association (or any country for that matter), Cruiser Fatigue is a serious sailing ailment that can be easily remedied. Fatigue for the seafaring soul comes in two distinct forms: Acute and chronic. Those multi-week offshore passages are a target rich environment for acute fatigue. Primarily caused by …Read More

Next Stop: Rangiroa

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Next stop: Rangiroa…. We bailed on going to Fakarava, and should arrive in the morning to Rangiroa. After finding out that Fakarava resort was shut down, and services limited (aka no restaurant, but maybe a “snack bar”, and unknown internet capacity), we turned right. Also helping was that the wind angle / sea state greatly …Read More

Late Post From Portugal

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I know I haven’t written in a while, but I say that in every blog, right?   So we had just arrived in Lagos, Portugal and when we entered port, I wondered if they had any McDonalds. Then I got their song stuck in my head. You know the one that goes like ba ba …Read More

Final Night: Galap-Marquesas Leg

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Before setting out on this adventure almost a year and half ago, the most common question I heard was, “What’s the longest you’ll go without seeing land?” After my reply of about 3,000 miles, just under three weeks, most non-seafaring folks would stare back, glassy eyed, in horror. “Three weeks. No land. Trapped on a …Read More

Bringing up the Rear….

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WooHooo!!! Time to break out the peanut m&ms I’ve had hidden since Panama City, as we have just dipped under the 1000 miles to go mark on our way to Marquesas. A thousand miles…that’s still a really long way to go. Winds just won’t drop into the teens, so we continue to sail almost dead …Read More

The Long Haul

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By far, one of the most common questions I have been asked upon hearing that I am sailing around the world is, “What will be your longest passage?”. Well folks, this is it. The South Pacific stretch from Galapagos to Marquesas, as the crow flies, is just shy of 3,000 nautical miles. Add in weather, …Read More

Pacific Crossing: Week 1

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….from somewhere in the South Pacific… Since this crossing is a doozy, and I can be pretty lazy, I figured just a couple highlights every once in a while, rather than daily updates would suffice. Seriously, who wants to read: Today I woke up tired at 10:45pm, slept through my dogwatch, got busted by a …Read More