WIDAGO – 48′ Leopard

Just a few shots of our baby girl…

3 comments on “WIDAGO – 48′ Leopard

  1. Theresa G. Pilkington

    WOW – what a beautiful “baby girl!” and I love, love, love following you and all of your fantastic pictures!! Continue to be safe and enjoy…xoxo…TP

  2. Simao Marques

    I’m following “Widago” and another boat, called “Ellida 6”, in FleetMon.
    The two boats were um Horta!!
    Have you seen “Ellida 6”?!

    • I don’t think so? Is she with ARC? Horta marina was packed full, on our seawall, they were stacking them 5 deep. Made for a fun neighborhood 🙂 Thanks for following us!

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