SCUBA Training

William and I completed our PADI certification down at Ocean Reef with Meghan MacCollum this past January 2013.  First things first – Meghan MacCollum needs to be awarded a Medal of Honor for her kindness, patience, and skills. Let’s just say there was only person having panic attacks during the open water dives, and she was not the instructor.  Thank you Meghan for grabbing me by the BC and holding me underwater until I pretended to stop freaking out. Next time I’m a cracking a halfsie of Xanax before taking the plunge. William Moseley was solid as a rock – I kid you not, he held my hand to make me feel safe. Bless his heart.  I’m not saying that it was super-fun and I can’t wait to get out there again, but I am very proud of William and myself for passing without passing out.

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