Colgate Off-Shore Sailing Training (Ft. Myers)

In the fall of 2013, the family went on an extended “Field Trip” to Ft. Myers Beach, FL. (If you haven’t made over to the west coast of Florida, you are really missing some of the best sunsets and people watching around.)

As captain, Guyon made an excellent executive decision to NOT train his loving, open-minded wife & amenable boys on the how to sail off-shore. We spent our first week getting certified with the Colgate school in a 29′ monohull. All of us, including the kids, passed written and practical exams given thru US Sailing with flying colors. The next week, we were instructed on a 47′ Lagoon catamaran. The training was fantastic and very practical. There was very little yelling, and almost no crying. Miracle!

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