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I’m really looking forward to editing this because my wife is writing it right now and we do not share the same warped sense of humor. In fact, I’m sure as she is typing this, the little red devil on her left shoulder is snickering, “Hee hee hee”.

All kidding aside, Guyon Ernald Moseley II (named after his grandfather) had a crazy vision – in fact some have been institutionalized for less – of taking the fam on a adventure, on a friggin sailboat. His namesake, “Ernald” left in 1907 with Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet, as an underaged enlisted seaman in the United States Navy, on an 18 month circumnavigation. Our path will be somewhat similar, except for the fact that we are not traveling with a fleet of US Navy vessels – but our boat is white.

Unlike his lovely wife, Guyon grew up sailing the Chesapeake Bay in icy waters with no training while his dad directed in loud four letter words. This was excellent preparation for his early career in the Navy, where he served on a garbage barge outta Jersey (actually it was an ammunition supply ship and he learned how to do stuff and manage people that also spoke loudly with four letter words).

Look for more on how Guyon’s brain works by studying the MoFAP (yes, that’s a real acronym he made up: Moseley Family Action Plan). I’m sure Guyon will write a journal entry about it soon – if not I’ll highjack his account and post one on his behalf. 🙂 Ali


Thank you sweetie pie for that wonderful intro.  I would not dream of editing it.


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