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Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 3.17.50 PMHmmmm…”No, I haven’t really spent much time sailing.”

I did however, spend my youth cowering in the front of 19′ Glastron ski boat with a ninety horsepower engine, painted death black, while my brother refined his captaining skills in hopes that I would be flung into the icy waters of Lake Winnipesaukee, cry, pee my pants, or all of the above. Fear is now my friend, and so is my brother.

Once I realized Guyon was serious about embarking upon this journey (that was about 3 seconds after he stated his mission), I started having panic attacks. Fur reals: I’m talking flop sweats, forgot how to breathe, world is closing in on me attacks. We were going to get on a boat, by ourselves, turn west. Scary. Sort of. While it is a blessing, and sometimes less so, I have a crazy confidence in the hubs ability make things happen. He is a man with a 50,000 foot perspective. He sees the forest. I’m more of the leaves on the trees kinda gal. So I take a major leap of faith (and love and swearing) as we embark on this trip.

I’m pretty sure that I am not what you consider “qualified” in the traditional sense, to sail around the world. However, I know stuff about things. For example, I can swim (check); I can draw a flow chart of the Krebs cycle (boom); and most importantly, I’m great in a crisis.


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