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So – lots of fun things to talk about here……

Because we are not completely insane (just mostly), the hubs and I have cooperatively agreed (that would be code for ….well, if you’re married, you get the picture) on joining the World Cruising Club for our major crossings. Granted it is a big ocean, but the benefits of coordinating with a group of people who organize stuff and deal with things for you was what put this baby into drive. In addition to coordinating these rallies, WCC also provides tons of training and support for the salty at heart.

Screenshot 2014-06-18 19.26.48






And then there is the boat, WIDAGO. She is a 48′ Leopard Catamaran, built in Cape Town, South Africa. She is Brand New Shiny. Well, she was for about 30 seconds, and then the boys got on board with their dirty grocery store feet. Now there are black foot prints all over the deck. Whoopsies.


Salon back when it was clean

We have many amenities not seen in most third world countries, or parts central Virginia, such as:

  • freshwater toilets & showers (3)
  • watermaker (duh- see previous bullet)
  • ice-maker (obviously – kinda gross to drink warm gin & tonics)
  • “Genny” (can’t always run the inverter)
  • Washer/dryer combo (that was a deal breaker)
  • Solar Panels (we are totally eco-friendly – sorta)

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    • Thanks Scott! Looking forward to cleaning many fish with y’all’s knives….but shhhhh, they are a Xmas present for the boys 😉

  1. Will you post a picture of the parasailor in use, please?
    Love your blogs! You are a hoot.

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