Safety Day: Flares & Flags

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Whoa…getting closer by the minute to our departure. The remainder of our crew for the Tortola-Bermuda Leg arrived Tuesday. Just a slight delay as the luggage compartment on their flight from San Juan failed to close. Luckily their luggage, containing 30 pounds of gravy mix, did not plummet into the Sir Francis Drake Channel. That …Read More

Pre-Game Day 1: Mighty Preparations

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I can tell we are getting close to departure: there is an increased energy to everything. The fact that we were up, showered and caffeinated by seven, while not uncommon for most, was way out of character for us. The volume and rough-housing coming from the port side hull continues to increase exponentially as we …Read More

St. Croix

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St. Croix is well worth the effort. A fantastic respite from the tourist and cruiser circuits up in the BVI/St. John, the isolated retreat of St. Croix was a great place to call home for the past two weeks.

BVI Cruising

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Lots to catch up on – my laziness and lack of a decent internet connection are really the only reasons I haven’t written in a while. WIDAGO spent the latter part of March exploring the BVI cruising circuit: Anegada, Bitter End & North Sound Virgin Gorda, Dogs, Indians, Cooper, Peter, Norman, and JVD. This time …Read More

Spa Day…on a Boat.

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Hair clippers are lot trickier to use than they would first appear. For the past couple years, I have made an effort soak up knowledge from the various folks who cut the boys’ hair. Obviously there is wide variety of personal style and method depending on your locale. For example, you do not get the …Read More

Road Harbour (BVI)

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We spent the second week of March at Village Cay Marina in Road Harbour, Tortola (BVI) – getting work done on the boat and pounding through some boat school. We are now 5/8ths done with 4th and 6th grade!!!