CV Leg (4): Night Moves

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As we have now crossed the midway point of this leg to Cape Verde, WIDAGO has decided to up its game by practicing performing repairs, at night, underway, while I’m supposed to be sleeping. Perhaps this is all part of the romantic life at sea, but I didn’t sure read about this in the brochure …Read More

CV Leg (3): Kite @ Night

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As we come to the end of day 3 on this leg to Cape Verde, I can say with (some, not great) confidence that the worst of my initial seasickness is in the wake. And I mean that figuratively, as I am happy to report that chumming has not occurred – so far. Perhaps that …Read More

CV Leg (2): zzzzzzzz…zzzzzzz

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Well, now I know what it feels like to be a house pet, or maybe an inmate in a federal prison. I spent probably 18 of the last 24 hours in a state of semi consciousness/ half sleep, some of which may or may not have been during my watches. Gotta love me some Sturgeron …Read More

CV Leg (1): Dark Night Rises

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The first day of our westward Atlantic crossing was filled with friendly dolphin, fresh winds, and just a dash a of fear.  With the port of Las Palmas still in sight and the sound of the starting gun ringing on our ears, a giant pod of frisky dolphin joined us as we headed out to …Read More