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Late Post From Azores

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So we finally arrived after 14 days at sea in the Azores. Okay, you probably know what my first thought was. Where are the Cheeseburgers?. As it turns out, they were a few blocks away. After munching on my first cheeseburger with an egg inside, we went back to the boat. We went out to …Read More

Late Post From The Atlantic Ocean

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We’re still in the Atlantic going a slow but steady five knots. We’ve seen lots of animals. Okay I don’t want to make this sound like a kindergarten essay where they take all day to talk about all of the colors and shapes of the animals and the sparkles so let’s get down to business. …Read More

Late Post From Bermuda

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Okay, I haven’t written a blog in awhile because I didn’t have Internet in the middle of the Atlantic. I’m writing about an incident that occurred before we left for Bermuda last May. My Dad was taking people up the mast in a bosun’s chair. Gordon was the first to go up. Then Adelaide, and then …Read More

English Channel at Night

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With the ARC Baltic Rally literally in our wake, WIDAGO now makes haste towards the UK. And just time – I was in a near panic earlier today at teatime only to find we were in fact out of English Tea. Luckily we are scheduled to arrive in Brighton prior to our next afternoon delight …Read More

Father’s Day 2015

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Father’s Day 2015 OK… Before we start, go grab a coffee (or beer if you’re in the right time zone) and put your feet up because this might take a few minutes. Been a very busy Father’s Day… First of all, justa big Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there, especially ours: Popeye …Read More

Azores-Europe Leg Day 8: Part Two

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Bless his little heart….. Get a load of this freeloadin’, hitchhikin’ stowaway. I think the term “bird brain” may need to be reviewed by Mr. Webster and his etymologists. Clearly, this little fella is no dummy. Guyon found him hiding in a perfect spot – he could have been there for days. We have these …Read More

Azores-N. Europe Leg: Night 4

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High pressure systems continue to dominate our Atlantic crossing. The sailing has actually been quite good as long as still counts if we are motor sailing. Been keeping one engine going, with full sails up, through calm, sometimes glassy waters. Winds continue to be light, variable, and still somewhat on the nose or close hulled. …Read More

Azores-N. Europe Leg: Day 1

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Our last couple of days have been a whirlwind as we made ready for this, another 1800nm, leg of our Atlantic crossing. Spontaneous sangria happy hour dockside last night, led to teary goodbyes (yes, I’m a crybaby) to our fleet mates in San Miguel.  At the time, the cocktail party was a happy distraction, feeding …Read More

Azores Cruise

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ARC EUROPE: Azores Cruise 2015 Yesterday, I ate a barnacle. Yes, you read it right. You know those gnarly attachments you’d find growing along the bottom of a neglected hull? Yes, indeed….and it was worth the flash of horror that crossed my mind as the waitress delivered our lunch.Unfortunately, you cannot really expect your kids …Read More