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Dry Tortugas 2015

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11 Jan 2015 – 15 Jan 2015 Well, we did it. We managed to complete our first “work-up” sail without any major incidents. Last week Guyon’s folks (Susu & Pawpaw) flew down from Virginia to join us on our maiden overnight voyage of WIDAGO. We departed Ocean Reef and sailed the 170 miles to Fort …Read More

Captain Richard

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      I’m not sure if there is such a thing as an accelerated executive MBA for cruising catamaran owners, but there should be.  The WIDAGO crew had the privilege/luxury/opportunity to have one the world’s most experienced Leopard 48 boat captains come live aboard for immersion therapy and training. Richard Widman has an unbelievable …Read More

HarbourTown Marina – Dania Beach

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Laurent, Rafael, Neil the Electronics Guru, Luke & James, Merle Stewart, Jean the Welder, JT Halden the Waterman   When I tell people that I have been living full time on the boat since Halloween it tends to garner little sympathy. When you discuss construction projects with folks, they all love to share their war …Read More

48′ Game of Tetris

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Perhaps I’m dating myself, but for all you old geezers and anyone under thirty, before there was Candy Crush, Minecraft, and Angry Birds, there was another black-hole of time called “Tetris”.

First Look: WIDAGO

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At last. She is finally here in the States. Her construction was delayed by a steelworker’s strike and delivery was delayed by Hurricane Gustavo. We were happy to wait, as there is no need to rush skilled labor or Mother Nature. All that matters is that she made it safely and without incident over from …Read More

She Floats!

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Just a quick post to share the most recent photos from the boat builder…. Even though there was a steelworkers’ strike in South Africa that delayed construction, the WIDAGO is getting ready to be loaded into a cargo ship and head West.

Reef Restoration Dive

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Check out this really cool movie the guys made from their dive this week with the Ocean Reef Club and Coral Reef Restoration. William had the unique opportunity to scuba while the rest of us stayed topside snorkeling and dodging jelly fish.  The object of the dive was to fragment coral, plant it in the …Read More

Green Turtle Cay ~ 2013

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During Summer 2013, we had a fantastic final voyage on our stinkpot, Sea Ddawgg, a 33′ Grady White. We bought her when we first moved down to Ocean Reef in 2006,and have spent many a summer adventuring across Great Bahama Bay, exploring the Bahamas. On this particular trip, we were fortunate enough to have our great …Read More

Meghan MacCollum – PADI Instructor Goddess

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William and I completed our PADI certification down at Ocean Reef with Meghan MacCollum this past January 2014.  First things first – Meg needs to be awarded a Medal of Honor for her kindness, patience, and skills. Let’s just say there was only person having panic attacks during the open water dives, and she was not the instructor. …Read More