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Panama Canal Transit

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Many apologies for the delay in posting…..you will most likely read this at the beginning of many more future posts. Internet access and speed is not something we have access to much these days. The beautiful scenery more than makes up for it- I just didn’t want you good folks to think we had forgotten …Read More

Halfway to Galapagos

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Since the wind and seas were so calm tonight, Ahab decided it would be a great time to have the autopilot fail. Some screw backed out and the whole chain dropped off. Luckily this happened at about 10:45pm. Good to have a farm-raised skipper aboard who found all the pieces in the bilge. David stayed …Read More

International Travel: Advanced Course

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So we all know that misery looooves company. Whether it is a traffic jam on I-66, a blocked Holland Tunnel, or “Weather Challenged” drivers that freak out at the mere mention of the frosty stuff – sometimes getting around requires Herculean amounts of patience and perseverance. When it comes to air travel, it can be …Read More

Leaving Columbia, Next Stop: San Blas Islands

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To quote my favorite father-in-law, “This is just awful.” Just to be clear, I’m referring to our first few hours off the coast, heading for Panama. Colombia & the city of Santa Marta were fantastic – a must visit. But back to our departure… World ARC was scheduled to leave yesterday (Jan 20) for the …Read More

World ARC Started!

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So I’m few days behind staying in touch, but I can get y’all a note from my doctor. FYI, if you ever plan on sailing around the world, I would suggest not getting the flu four days before departure. I’m not exactly sure how we got (almost) everything we needed done, but alas, now that …Read More

Home for the Holidays!

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After a challenging Atlantic crossing with ARC+, WIDAGO and her crew were ready to get stateside to see family, friends, doggies, and high-speed internet. Seriously, anyone who says, “If so-and-so gets elected, I’m leaving the the USA and moving….”, well they are, in my humble opinion, idiots. Even though I loved all the fantastic places …Read More

ARC+ Safety Day

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Prior to departing the Canary Islands, World Cruising Club partnered with the local maritime police to provide an eye opening safety demonstration of a helicopter rescue at sea. The conditions were perfect, calm, almost windless during the demonstration, yet, it was impossible to hear anything, and the wind created by the helicopter was deafening. I …Read More

ARC+ Gives Back

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Besides the safety and support provided by the World Cruising Club during these monumental passages, are the opportunities made available to do good deeds. Since we are living on a boat, traveling from place to place, the boys have not ahad a chance to to participate in much community service or charity work. This is …Read More