Month: March 2016

Late Post From Portugal

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I know I haven’t written in a while, but I say that in every blog, right?   So we had just arrived in Lagos, Portugal and when we entered port, I wondered if they had any McDonalds. Then I got their song stuck in my head. You know the one that goes like ba ba …Read More

Final Night: Galap-Marquesas Leg

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Before setting out on this adventure almost a year and half ago, the most common question I heard was, “What’s the longest you’ll go without seeing land?” After my reply of about 3,000 miles, just under three weeks, most non-seafaring folks would stare back, glassy eyed, in horror. “Three weeks. No land. Trapped on a …Read More

Bringing up the Rear….

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WooHooo!!! Time to break out the peanut m&ms I’ve had hidden since Panama City, as we have just dipped under the 1000 miles to go mark on our way to Marquesas. A thousand miles…that’s still a really long way to go. Winds just won’t drop into the teens, so we continue to sail almost dead …Read More

The Long Haul

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By far, one of the most common questions I have been asked upon hearing that I am sailing around the world is, “What will be your longest passage?”. Well folks, this is it. The South Pacific stretch from Galapagos to Marquesas, as the crow flies, is just shy of 3,000 nautical miles. Add in weather, …Read More

Pacific Crossing: Week 1

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….from somewhere in the South Pacific… Since this crossing is a doozy, and I can be pretty lazy, I figured just a couple highlights every once in a while, rather than daily updates would suffice. Seriously, who wants to read: Today I woke up tired at 10:45pm, slept through my dogwatch, got busted by a …Read More

WIDAGO Underway to Hiva Oa

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WIDAGO’s water maker woes wind down, as we finally weigh anchor and wander westward into withering winds. Well, that was interesting. Where to begin? For you non-WARC fleet readers, we were supposed to set sail last Wednesday with the rest of fleet. Unfortunately two days before our scheduled departure, Ahab noticed that the psi on …Read More

Panama Canal Transit

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Many apologies for the delay in posting…..you will most likely read this at the beginning of many more future posts. Internet access and speed is not something we have access to much these days. The beautiful scenery more than makes up for it- I just didn’t want you good folks to think we had forgotten …Read More