Month: December 2015

Late Post From Azores

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So we finally arrived after 14 days at sea in the Azores. Okay, you probably know what my first thought was. Where are the Cheeseburgers?. As it turns out, they were a few blocks away. After munching on my first cheeseburger with an egg inside, we went back to the boat. We went out to …Read More

ARC+ Safety Day

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Prior to departing the Canary Islands, World Cruising Club partnered with the local maritime police to provide an eye opening safety demonstration of a helicopter rescue at sea. The conditions were perfect, calm, almost windless during the demonstration, yet, it was impossible to hear anything, and the wind created by the helicopter was deafening. I …Read More

ARC+ Gives Back

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Besides the safety and support provided by the World Cruising Club during these monumental passages, are the opportunities made available to do good deeds. Since we are living on a boat, traveling from place to place, the boys have not ahad a chance to to participate in much community service or charity work. This is …Read More