Month: November 2015

St. Lucia Leg (Day 12): Homestretch!

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We just dipped under 50 miles until our destination in St. Lucia. It’s been a taxing day, mostly for Ahab. With a constant parade of squalls and fronts coming through, in addition to quartering seas, he has been manning the helm since dawn, breaking only to quickly potty. “This has been my least desirable passage.”, …Read More

St. Lucia Leg (7): Twin Tunas

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With under 500 miles to landfall, WIDAGO has been motors sailing along at comfortable clip. Today was perfect weather for parasailor flying (bright & sunny, no squalls, winds 18-22kts on our back, and 7-9 swells to surf). Too bad we couldn’t get Big Blue outta the bag. Ahab spent much of today contemplating, analyzing, brainstorming, …Read More

St. Lucia Leg (6): Sea Turkeys

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WIDAGO and crew celebrate in a somewhat unusual fashion, in that we usually don’t get around to pulling together a Thanksgiving Feast until at least Friday. In fact for the past 19 years, we have not made it happen on time, and frankly it takes a lot of pressure off. Especially for the Galley Wench. …Read More

St. Lucia Leg (5): Big Blew

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Most unfortunate news folks. On 24 Nov, at approximately 12:30 Zulu time, Big Blue, aka the “Whomper”, suffered a passage ending injury and has been placed on “inactive” status until further notice. The Whomp, our second favorite crew member after Otto, was barely out of diapers, with only a few hundred hours of game time …Read More

St. Lucia Leg (4): Surf’s Up!

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So, remember a previous post where I wrote that I hadn’t mastered the fine nautical art of hand steering downwind, at night, with the ginormous big blue parasailor dragging us across the Atlantic? Well, I still haven’t. That being said, yesterday, or the day before – things are staring to blur together here, I bit …Read More

St. Lucia Leg (3): Chicken of the Sea

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Decent downwind sailing all day and night with Big Blue pulling us ever closer to St. Lucia. The winds picked up this evening as we saw steady winds of18-20 kts, with gusts up to 25. The swell behind us has made for fun wave surfing. The gusty winds tend to challenge our favorite crew member, …Read More

St. Lucia Leg (1): Twilight Zone Winds

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After almost a full 24 hrs since the start of our passage from Cape Verde to St. Lucia, WIDAGO has finally settled into trade wind sailing. With the big blue Whomper out front and close to 170 miles behind us, we are riding almost comfortably in confused seas doing 7-9kts. Yesterday afternoon and evening however …Read More

CV Leg (6): Crawling Towards Mindelo

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After our previous day of bountiful fishing followed by extreme vacuum sealing, today was slow, steady, and quiet as we drag ourselves the last few miles into Cape Verde. I sit here typing, yet fantasizing about being in our old Grady White – we could fire up those twin 250 Yamis, and be tied up …Read More

CV Leg (5): Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner!

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Approximately 10:45 Zulu time, all hands were summoned to the aft deck, as Marco the MahiMahi made his first strike. Swabbie Gordon quickly took control of the situation, sending Ahab to helm to slow the boat down while he reeled with all his might. After a brief battle, Marco found himself on the wrong end …Read More

CV Leg (4): Night Moves

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As we have now crossed the midway point of this leg to Cape Verde, WIDAGO has decided to up its game by practicing performing repairs, at night, underway, while I’m supposed to be sleeping. Perhaps this is all part of the romantic life at sea, but I didn’t sure read about this in the brochure …Read More

CV Leg (3): Kite @ Night

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As we come to the end of day 3 on this leg to Cape Verde, I can say with (some, not great) confidence that the worst of my initial seasickness is in the wake. And I mean that figuratively, as I am happy to report that chumming has not occurred – so far. Perhaps that …Read More