Month: July 2015

Visby, Gotland Island (Sweden)

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As we continue our journey in the Baltic, a theme has emerged….we are following the trails of the Hanseatic League and its trade route. Four weeks ago, I’d never heard of the Hanseatic League. Now, I could easily identify one the many 7-story stone and mortar warehouses used to store and transport furs, fish, and …Read More

Rostock to Ronne

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A big bright moon is lighting a torch for us tonight as we head to Denmark in search of butter cookies, blue cheese, and bacon. WIDAGO uncovered a pair of Maryland Moseley stowaways aboard. So now the count is: Boys: 6 Girls: 1 Always outnumbered. Regardless of my domestic engineering efforts, I really don’t think …Read More

Happy 4th of July – ARC Baltic

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Greetings from WIDAGO and her crew! We just returned to Hohe Duene after a fantastic week visiting the German Countryside, Amsterdam, and back to Hamburg. Luckily the boat was still floating, in exactly the same place we left her. Whew…..The last couple days, I noticed our sweet Ahab showing signs of WIDAGO withdrawal….headaches, stomaches, irritability, …Read More