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The Moseley Family – Guyon, Ali, William, David, and Gordon – are pulling the plug and heading out to sea. On ourĀ 48-ft Leopard catamaran, the WIDAGO (named for the boys), we plan to spend the next two years sailing the world. As with most things in our life, this site is a continual work in progress. Visit us virtually, leave a message, or subscribe!

Recent Journal Entries

Watch Standing: Free Labor on the Open Seas

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  Long passages on a family boat are great opportunities for sailors to catch up on their sleep deprivation. Utilizing the wide ranging skills of young sailors catching a free ride across the big blue ocean is one way to mitigate those days and weeks of semi-conscious partially hallucinogenic moments in between your forty-five minute …Read More

Stateside Transition

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Hmmmm….where did summer go? As I slide face first into the final day of Labor Day Weekend, I have come to the realization that I spent the summer experiencing rather than documenting. After re-reading my last post (gasp – that was in early July), I have a lot of holes to fill in. Rather than …Read More

WIDAGO Down Under!

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After a brisk passage from Vanuatu across the Coral Sea, WIDAGO safely arrived in Queensland, Australia last night. Upon entering the Great Barrier Reef, we had a hundred mile motor into light winds, guided by pods of migrating humpbacks, sea snakes, and bottlenose dolphins – an absolutely spectacular finish to a difficult, less than favorite, …Read More