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Welcome to Our Adventure!

The Moseley Family – Guyon, Ali, William, David, and Gordon – are pulling the plug and heading out to sea. On ourĀ 48-ft Leopard catamaran, the WIDAGO (named for the boys), we plan to spend the next two and half years sailing the world, including a circumnavigation. As with most things in our life, this site is a continual work in progress. Visit us virtually, leave a message, or subscribe!

Recent Journal Entries

Bye Bye Bora Bora

By No Comments in ARC Europe

WIDAGO is on the move again, this time heading direct for Fiji. After two awesome months in French Polynesia, we have weighed anchor and set a course for Fiji. Unfortunately we will miss the Cook Islands, Niue, and the Kingdom of Tonga, as we are jumping ahead of the fleet, giving me a window of …Read More

Marlin Fishing Across the Pacific

By 2 Comments in Video, World Arc

**** can’t upload video **** Arrgghhhh****** #imissDSL   Prior to our Florida departure, Ahab could’ve been called Santiago as he honed his sport fishing skills for nearly a decade. During those long lonely weekends I spent as a boat widow, Ahab was off “working really hard” at these big billfish tournaments. He would drag home …Read More

Cruiser Fatigue

By 6 Comments in Uncategorized

While not yet recognized by the American Medical Association (or any country for that matter), Cruiser Fatigue is a serious sailing ailment that can be easily remedied. Fatigue for the seafaring soul comes in two distinct forms: Acute and chronic. Those multi-week offshore passages are a target rich environment for acute fatigue. Primarily caused by …Read More

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